Fire In the Pines

Wind Through The Barbwire

Heart Of The Machine

Hard to pin down, easy to love, this debut album recorded live off the floor, realizes a contemporary sound with an unlikely ensemble: wonderfully written songs accompanied by woodwinds, folk instruments, and a full rock band.

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Fire In The Pines, Heart Of The Machine

Recorded at Cedar Creek Studios in the heart of Austin, TX, and produced by Artist/Songwriter Kevin Welch, Fire In The Pines’ debut album successfully melds Texas Singer/Songwriter Ben Worley’s honest and sharp writing with the free-jazz flow, Country twang and Bluegrass precision of the groups ensemble. Through various combinations of over 12 instruments, six players, and the lyrics and melodies of Ben Worley, Fire In The Pines succeed in playing the only thing that matters- the heart strings of their audience.

The cohesive membership of the band can partly be understood by their shared love of a place as much as by their musical camaraderie. Most of the members grew up together in a town called San Marcos, just south of musical metropolis, Austin, TX.  San Marcos is home to it’s own eclectic culture including a diverse songwriting community which has fed the insatiable Austin music appetite for decades, and from which Fire In The Pines now emerges.

The band members are:

Ben Worley- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Chris Nelson- Electric Guitar
Matt Lochman- Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, Harmony Vocals
Nick Lochman- Upright Bass, Harmony Vocals
Dave Sims, Jr.- Drums, Percussion
Totter Todd- Baritone, Tenor, Soprano Saxophones, Flute, Harmony Vocals

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