Fire In the Pines

Wind Through The Barbwire



“I’m blown away with the talent in the studio today. World Class. Love the songs, the songwriting.  Your harmonies together are just, very inspiring” – Cindy Schneider | 88.9FM KRFC Live@Lunch

“Without taking away from their originality, one could easily suggest that Fire In the Pines’ music could live comfortably in Neal Young’s song library.” – Eric Morales | BobcatFans/SMTX

“When you have a wind instrument virtuoso like Totter Totter, the guitar work of Chris Nelson, the drumming precision of Dave Sims Jr. and the vocals of Ben Worley added to the multi-talented Lochmans you got yourself a genuine phenom, a treasure, and a good time.” – Hap Mansfield | San Marcos Mercury

“With that last song [Everything Less], man, I’ve so been there, and it’s a release or a relief or… it just makes me feel so much better that somebody else out there has gone through the same thing or something similar and it was just such a beautiful way to express it” – Cindy Schneider | 88.9FM KRFC  Live@Lunch

“…the spontaneous and loose way in which the six players interacted was a thing of beauty.” – Anna Van Voorhis | The Mac Weekly

“…what you hear on the album is pretty much an instance of time, an event that actually occured. Songs were played and recorded from start to finish, just as they were in the old Motown/Phil Spector days.” – Eric Morales | BobcatFans/SMTX

“You don’t have a horn section where your just punching it, you have a soloist- and it’s nice to hear a horn and a banjo in the same song. You don’t often hear that anymore, if you ever did!” – Richard Higgs | 89.5FM KWGS Folk Salad

“I think a lot of us think these things or have these feelings come to us and maybe we don’t know what to do with those feelings or how to express those feelings, so when we can connect with the music and connect with artists who are bringing it to us, there’s something very comforting and healing about it for me… You nailed it Ben.  It’s very cathartic.  You’re doing great.  Mission Accomplished.” – Cindy Schneider | 88.9FM KRFC  Live@Lunch