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Ole’ Blue stubbed her toe, and the adventures of Rubidoux Creek

Posted by on Jul 14, 2014

We had a little trouble with a tire sidewall, but the good news is it happened in a town Nelson used to live in-

20140714-122245-44565713.jpg luckily we got a chance to dive into the refreshingly cold water at Rubidoux, and Chris introduced us to the loose meat burgers of Maid Rite fame (yup, there were washboards on the wall). We played in St Louis last night and had a blast doing it- now on to Manhattan, KS! P

20140714-122626-44786480.jpgP.S. We got to drink some yummy Redbud Roasters this morning which really takes the edge off the road and sets you right- ya’ll can quote me on that.


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