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It’s dirty work this music thing…

Posted by on Jul 9, 2014

It’s dirty work this music thing…

Here are some pics of Fire In The Pines helping out a friend with some demolition. We help (knock stuff down) when we can.  We learned a couple lessons too.  Don’t head butt a nail,  it will always win… and don’t sledgehammer your hand right before tour.



20140709-004013-2413591.jpgTomorrow we start our tour at Superfly’s in San Marcos, TX- should be a load of fun with free beer- and you’ll be able to get Heart Of The Machine at their store from here on out! It would be fun to see ya’ll there before we head off into the wild blue (well in Ole’ Blue that is).


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  1. Dang, who sledgehammered their hand?? Also LOL that photo of Chris is hilarious!

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