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Ending this tour is bittersweet-

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It has been a great journey drifting west with the lonesome heroes- I can only say it has been an honor and a pleasure to share the road with everybody in FIP an LH and all the great folks we’ve met along the way.






20140722-193610-70570146.jpg We are in great spirits, revived by mountain magic, and looking forward to the future. The Gasoline Lollipops are gracious enough to let us share the Waterloo stage with them this evening in Louisville- let the fun begin!


Near perfect

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We are having a day in a little town called Nederland drinking coffee in a train car and starting Richard Higgs book Then There Is No Mountain



Here we are, right where we should be

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We had a great time playing at Shine in Boulder last night- the Gasoline Lollipops are fantastic- you should check em out as soon as you can- it was so good to get Totter back in the mix- tomorrow is the last show of the tour- it’s been so much fun.
I grabbed this photo at Price Tower in Bartlesville- Hillside Stones…



Playing on air at Folk Salad

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We are in route to Boulder to hook up with our sax player Totter Todd and the Gasoline Lollipops to rock out this evening- also tonight at 7 pm CST you can hear us do an interview and an in studio performance at Folk Salad in Tulsa with our buddies Richard Higgs and Scott Aycock- check it out here!

Also a track from our record will be spinning on the Red Dirt Radio Hour show this evening at 9pm CST at Check it Out!

Over the mountains and back over the mountains

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Over the last couple of days we travelled over the mountains to play in Saratoga, WY- it was one of the most incredible place I’ve ever played-




20140720-111010-40210405.jpg We had a great time and woke up to a beautiful morning- we signed the stage, and climbed back over the mountains to play the Cowboy in Laramie, WY which ended up being a blast as well! Whippoorwill sounded unbelievable last night.



20140720-111241-40361321.jpg today we finally meet up with Totter in Boulder- I can’t wait to play at Shine tonight!

Been busy busy busy!

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So Auntie Mae’s turned out to be a lot of fun! We definitely wanna go back someday-

20140717-152708-55628345.jpg We had a long drive to Colorado Springs, but the show ended up being awesome as well- Ivy Wild is an awesome deal- Its an old school which was converted into a venue/ farmers market/ performance space- I really hope something like it pops up in San Marcos- Isn’t the old Lamar middle school for sale?



20140717-153410-56050803.jpg Our friend Tyson came out and let us stay at his awesome place- we got to pet some horses and had the most amazing food ever-







20140717-153611-56171420.jpg today we arrived in Fort Collins and played Live@Lunch on KRFC with Cindy Schneider which was a real treat- I can’t wait to share it for those who couldn’t tune in-

20140717-153912-56352805.jpg Tonight we play at Swing Station with Whippoorwill which sounds like an awesome place- I’m sure feeling lucky! More soon…

And on the 6th day we sat in the cool breeze and enjoyed Manhatten, KS

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It was a bit of a haul getting out here from St. Louis yesterday but we broke it up nicely in Kansas City with a delicious burnt end sandwich at Gates BBQ- we arrived at Tuttle Creek and set up camp- the moon rose up through the trees, over the lake, and we played some tunes around the fire- it didn’t suck at all. This morning did for Chris though who stepped away from his tent and found it blown into the water upon returning. He’ll be alright though do to worry! So far this place is awesome- can’t wait to play at Auntie Mae’s tonight!







Ole’ Blue stubbed her toe, and the adventures of Rubidoux Creek

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We had a little trouble with a tire sidewall, but the good news is it happened in a town Nelson used to live in-

20140714-122245-44565713.jpg luckily we got a chance to dive into the refreshingly cold water at Rubidoux, and Chris introduced us to the loose meat burgers of Maid Rite fame (yup, there were washboards on the wall). We played in St Louis last night and had a blast doing it- now on to Manhattan, KS! P

20140714-122626-44786480.jpgP.S. We got to drink some yummy Redbud Roasters this morning which really takes the edge off the road and sets you right- ya’ll can quote me on that.


Okemah in the rear view, Tulsa out in front

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We are waking up after a late night of swapping songs with some great folks around the campground here at Wood y Fest 2014- hopefully I can rally the boys in time to grab pancakes at Mary Jo’s pancake breakfast- always a fine time. Next stop will be Tulsa to record and do an interview, which oughta air the following Sunday- and then on to Bartlesville to play at Frank and Lola’s (which I hear has delicious green chile anything- I’ll be happy to confirm this rumor). I love Woody Fest- and the weather is just perfect- I gotta say I’m sad to leave but hey, I can’t complain!




The gangs all hear and by hear I mean the birthplace of Woody Guthrie

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On our way to cannonball into lake Okemah with the entirety of Drifting West Tour- we could use some cool water! It ain’t the San Marcos, but it’ll do!


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