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Posted by on Jul 17, 2014

So Auntie Mae’s turned out to be a lot of fun! We definitely wanna go back someday-

20140717-152708-55628345.jpg We had a long drive to Colorado Springs, but the show ended up being awesome as well- Ivy Wild is an awesome deal- Its an old school which was converted into a venue/ farmers market/ performance space- I really hope something like it pops up in San Marcos- Isn’t the old Lamar middle school for sale?



20140717-153410-56050803.jpg Our friend Tyson came out and let us stay at his awesome place- we got to pet some horses and had the most amazing food ever-







20140717-153611-56171420.jpg today we arrived in Fort Collins and played Live@Lunch on KRFC with Cindy Schneider which was a real treat- I can’t wait to share it for those who couldn’t tune in-

20140717-153912-56352805.jpg Tonight we play at Swing Station with Whippoorwill which sounds like an awesome place- I’m sure feeling lucky! More soon…

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